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My family acquired our first Newfoundland while I was in high school. Her name was Kodi and she came from a puppy mill.  Unfortunately Kodi developed a number of orthopedic problems as she matured but was a typical Newfoundland in temperament.

While in college I acquired my second Newfoundland, Chablis, after what I thought was a lot of research.  Chablis ended up with what we now know as forelimb anomaly . After 4 major surgeries at Ohio State University she ended up living a long healthy life but having a breeder who had no interest in her problems was disheartening.

 In 1992 I purchased my foundation bitch Taylor from Diane Broderick of Amity Newfoundlands in New Jersey.  The following year I purchased my second foundation bitch from Kathy Hamilton of Old Bay Newfoundlands in Virginia.  I have to thank them as well as many other breeders that have mentored me along the way. You helped me get a great start into the world of Newfoundland dogs.

 I also must thank Becky Reynnells who came to stay at Top Shelf in 2004. With her help showing and grooming the dogs Top Shelf has achieved awards beyond any of my expectations.

 Last but not least - a big thank you to Amy Lane of Allegiance Newfoundlands who I have co-owned dogs with over the years.  She has spent countless hours developing and updating our new Top Shelf website. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

 Deb Wigal


Taylor (sitting) and Chablis (laying)


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